Collection: Collections of Pilgrim

Pilgrim celebrate their 50th Birthday this year. This Danish Brand have over the years been extremely prolific in their designs, four collections are released every year and some really classic and innovative designs have emerged.
All pieces are handmade and this highly artistic and technical process perfectly complements the creative aspects within Pilgrim.
Artyfax have been selling Pilgrim for nearly twenty years and have a fabulous collection of both vintage and more current designs to offer you! You will find pieces that are beautiful, quirky, interesting and classic. Treat yourself and have a good look around!

About Pilgrim Jewellery

PILGRIM, a Danish brand designs fashionable jewellery with a conscience – their finger is, they believe, firmly on the pulse of fashion. Their heart is certainly in the right place and Pilgrim remain true to its beliefs, to produce original, affordable and beautiful jewellery.

The roots of Pilgrim can be traced back to 1983 when two Danes, Thomas Adamsen and Annemette Markvad tapped into their souls and talent honed by growing up surrounded by Scandinavian design influences. Together they produced original pieces of Jewellery that they subsequently sold at rock festivals. There was a strong element of spontaneity incorporated in to those designs and they were obviously quite different to the designs we see today. The company grew steadily into the international brand it is today. Some of Pilgrims defining designs and moments were experienced early this century as the highly developed talent of Annemette was memorably paired with with rapidly improving design technology. This has given the company the definition and confidence to continue to produce four distinct collections per year.

The Jewellery starts off life on the drawing board, the next step is to produce a wax mould which is then used to make a metal casting. The casting is polished, assembled and plated. Stones and crystals are then set by hand. The process is complex and time consuming. Each piece finally is finally inspected for quality. Artyfax have stocked Pilgrim Jewellery for nearly twenty years and have historically built a strong relationship with Pilgrim, we have ridden the changes with them, shared defining moments, and have built up a range to be proud of.