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Trollbeads, a Danish company, created the original Charm Bead in 1976, they have since been copied by many other companies but Trollbeads still remain the most desired of the Charm Beads by a huge amount of people.
They were called Trollbeads because the original beads designed by Søren Nielsen (Lise Aagaard’s brother) looked like Troll Faces

Each Trollbead is a unique work of art that can be treasured for a lifetime. Every bead tells a story and as you add more beads your bracelet magically develops into a epic tale, far more complex than the sum of your beads. It will often echo your life, from the blueprint into which you were born, coupled with experiences along the way. Your wrist will become the carrier of memories, experiences and the emotional consequences of events in your life.

You will often find that your bracelet will become the catalyst to conversation. It will certainly be admired and you may choose to explain how you felt compelled to represent a portion of your life by particular beads.

Trollbeads are designed by top Danish designers, crafted from premiere class materials and handmade by world class artisans. The designs are Danish and the methods of construction are traditional with a modern twist. The Silver Beads are cast using “lost wax method” first used by the ancient Greeks. The glass Trollbeads are handcrafted in a 2000 degree open flame, the glass is heated until it is red hot, then it melts and is skilfully manipulated into a unique bead. No two glass Trollbeads beads are completely identical. Trollbeads were invented in Denmark in 1976 and have stood the test of time, nearly 40 years of evolvement later they remain fresh, beautiful and inspirational.