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Yankee Candle

Amber Moon , Yankee Candle Votive

Amber Moon , Yankee Candle Votive

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This product has been stored well but may have slight discolouration, scratches etc so should be classed as a second.

All these candes are being sold as a stock clearance. The images shown are stock images of the candle and not the actual candle. Therefore slight variations in colour and design might be present on the actual candle.

Shipping not offered on this item?

We are unfortunately unable to ship any discounted Yankee candle.

I know this is going to disappoint you so I’m also going to take the opportunity to explain the reasons why and I hope you will understand our dilemma…

  1. We don’t have the packing materials for them (purchasing that would just mean we couldn’t discount so deeply)
  2. We don’t have enough time to pack them (packing glass to avoid breakages is very time consuming)
  3. Some of the candles may differ slightly from the stock picture, this may be due to slight wax colouration or subtle differences in labelling.
  4. The candles have been stored very well but we prefer the customer would be able to inspect the actual candles they are purchasing in person at our shop, that way we can be sure that everyone is happy.
  5. Because we are selling them so cheaply, if even one candle got broken or lost in shipping we would still have to replace any loss, this would mean a double loss to us.

I’m sorry for any disappointment in us not being able to ship them, there are just so. many factors to consider that all add up to the impossibility of posting them.

You may be far away but, if you are reasonably local we could deliver them to you personally, that could be something we could discuss.

We have in the past also have had customers make a day out of it, visit Cromer and the area which is wonderful, I promise.  It really depends just how far away you are of course.

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